Cullinan Park Conservancy


Tree at Cullinan ParkABOUT THE PARK

Joseph S. and Lucie H. Cullinan Park at Oyster Creek, consists of 750 acres in Sugar Land, Fort Bend Country on Hwy 6, just north of Hwy. 90A. Cullinan Park boasts frontage on Oyster Creek and Red Gully, as well as encompassing White Lake and Pumpkin Lake, in addition to extensive prairie and woodland acreage. It is well known as a place to enjoy birding, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities in the midst of a rapidly urbanizing area.

The Houston Parks Board created the Park in 1989 through donations from the estate of Nina Cullinan (tract 1 of 140 acres and tract 2 of 310 acres), the Brown Foundation (tract 4 of 127 acres), Texas Parks and Wildlife (for improvements), and the City of Houston (tract 3 of 177 acres). Three of the Park parcels (tracts 1, 2 and 4) are held in trust by the Houston Parks Board, and a fourth, parcel 3, is owned by the City of Houston. The Park is run under an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Houston and the City of Sugar Land. Sugar Land has responsibilities for operating and maintaining the park. The Conservancy seeks to support its efforts with private resources.


The lands of Cullinan Park were first settled in 1828 by Alexander Hodge, a member of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred. For over 150 years, this Columbia Bottomland country was then used for raising cattle, sugar cane, and other crops.